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Samuel L. Jackson Joins Cast of Stephen King’s Cell

John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson will star in the upcoming adapation of Stephen King’s Cell. This will be the second time the pair has appeared in a King adaptation, the first being 1408, which has been one of the better King based movies.


Cell was one of the first Stephen King novels that I read, and it was definitely terrifying. The book follows Clay Riddell (Cusack) as he tries to find his family after a cell phone signal (the Pulse) turns everyone who hears it into a rage-filled, zombie-like, killer. Along the way he teams up with Tom McCourt (Jackson), and a teenage girl named Alice as they try to survive as civilization collapses around them. Like most King novels, it’s dark, gritty, and really dives into the motivations of each character.

Cell is one of King’s better novel’s released over the last decade so the film definitely has potential.  Filming begins in January.

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