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Saturday Morning Review: Futures End


Book: Futures End
Writer(s): Brian Azzarello
Keith Griffen
Dan Jurgens
Jeff Lemire
Artist: Patrick Zircher











Summary from Comixology: “The Batman of Beyond arrives in the DC Universe five years after heroes first began to appear, intent on preventing the horrendous future he escaped from coming to pass.”

The Good: I have said this before about comics, and it’s a major selling point for me, this was a fun book. I really didn’t want it to end and it kept me entertained. I do need to say that you REALLY need to read Futures End #0 before you read this book. I tried reading the book, was confused and had to find my copy of 0 to better understand what was going on. I was worried I would be overwhelmed by four comic writers in one book, but since all these guys are well respected at DC, they worked together really well. I’m not sure who wrote the Grifter section (I’m thinking Lemire!) But that was by far my favorite arc in this issue. I also want to say, I love this cover. It reminds me of an old 80’s scifi movie poster, Ryan Sook really did a great job on this cover.

The Bad: The story was really confusing without reading #0 first. If you missed out on Free Comic Book Day try your damnedest to get a copy of Zero before you read issue one, it will save you a lot of confusion. I thought some of the art was a bit iffy at times, but then at other times I loved it. It was very hit-or-miss on each page. I also thought the story was rushed. I would have much rather had a few extra pages of story and paid $3.99 instead of what I got for $2.99.

The Verdict: As I said before, this is just fun. I’m going to pick up issue #2 and decide if I’ll add it to my pull then, but as of now, I think you should give this story a read. If you like Terry McGinnis as Batman then this book is definitely worth your time.


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