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Saturday Morning Review: New Avengers #23

Book: New Avengers #23
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Kev Walker
Colorist: Frank Martin

Summary from Comixology: “We follow the members of the now-broken Illuminati through their last day on Earth.”

The Overview:
This book absolutely blew my mind. In all honestly, the minute I finished this issue I texted Stephen at 11 at night just geeking out with everything that is going on. This is also one hell of a complex book. Now, when I say that it’s complex, I mean to fully get the entire scope of the book you really need to read New Avengers AND Avengers, both written by Hickman. He has been building such an enormous story that things that happened in issue #2 of New Avengers is finally coming back around 21 issues later. And things happening in Avengers 32 were built on decisions created in the first couple issues of New Avengers.

The Good:
This book was a beautifully haunting story about the Illuminati (Hulk, Beast, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Black Panther, and Namor) while they live their final day on Earth before the next Incursion(destruction of a world). In this issue there are a few absolutely beautiful moments when we see our heroes at their absolute worse. Dr. Strange asks Mr. Wrong a serious question, and does not get the answer that he most desired. One character is seen spending his last moments with his oldest demons, and another is betraying the ones he calls friends. Hickman writers a beautiful story that captures these moments in a very delicate light. Kev Walker is a perfect artist to capture what’s going on in a way that isn’t over the top or isn’t seen as an underachiever , I personally believe that Hickman and Walker is the perfect team for a book like this. And my friends… the ending will blow your mind. I guarantee that.

The Bad:
I’m not going to lie, there was nothing wrong with this book. If someone tells you they don’t like something in this book, they are nitpicking and looking for a reason to complain. I found nothing wrong with this book.

The Final Say:
This is not the best jumping on point, but you will want to read this book to see what Hickman has planned for next month. Some serious things are about to happen and you are not going to want to miss out on the events that are in the distant future. This book has the wonderful score of 4 out of 4. Head on out to your LCS, or go see our friends at Comic Collector Live and get this book in your hands. If you read this book, leave some feedback on your thoughts!

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  • What are the odds that NONE of the events that have happened in this book are happening in the 616-proper?

    Low probably, but there are so many unexpected, jaw-dropping twists and turns in this title, I can’t help but expect the unbelievable at this point.

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