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Scumdogs of the Multiverse: An Interview with GWAR Comics Writer Matt Miner

I’m a huge GWAR fan. The first time I ever heard them was on the Universal Soldier: The Return soundtrack, when I was like 15. My dad took me to see the movie and afterwards we went looking for the soundtrack. Once we found it I noticed a few bands that I was sort of familiar with, like Megadeth and Anthrax, but most of them I didn’t really know. I grew up in a “religious” household so R-rated movies and heavy metal weren’t a part of my life until my teen years (which, come to think about it, might actually still be normal even for kids who didn’t grow up in church), and so this was a real turning point for me. After listening to the whole CD a few times I found a couple songs that I really gravitated toward. One was “Crush ‘Em” by Megadeth, and the other was “Sadam A Go-Go“, by GWAR. There was just something about it that I loved so much. I started buying GWAR albums every time I got allowance money, and I’ve been a “Bohab” ever since.

As you all probably already know, earlier this week it was announced that The Scumdogs of the Universe themselves, the unholy GWAR, would be putting out their very own comic! A Kickstarter was launched, and mass pandemonium ensued. Here at 4LN, we were lucky enough to get ahold of Mr. Matt Miner, who has assembled the creative team and is handling writing duties on GWAR the Comic, AKA “Orgasmageddon”, and we asked him about his career, how this gore-tastic project came to be, and coffee. Check out our convo below!

4LN: When did you first get into comics? Was it something you discovered as a kid, or later on in life?

Matt Miner: Like I presume is true with most comic readers, it’s something I got into as a kid. I was that quintessential bullied young kid who escaped into a world of comics, punk and heavy metal, cartoons, computers (before they were cool), D&D, and pretty much every other nerdy thing I could find.


4LN: How did you initially get started writing comics professionally?

Matt: A few years ago. I kind of had an epiphany that was like “hey, dummy, you’ve always wanted to write professionally and you love comics, so why the Hell aren’t you writing comics?” I bought a bunch of books on comic writing, comic art, screenwriting, etc – I went and took a class from Scott Snyder – I took it seriously and went all in.


4LN: Your newest project has set the internet all abuzz since it was announced. You’ve partnered with the almighty GWAR for a Kickstarter project that would see them spill their brutality into the comic book world. I’m dying to know how this collaboration came to be.

Matt: Well, remember when I said I was a bullied kid who was into nerdy shit? Enter my love of GWAR that has remained for more than half my life, now. Back when I got into comics I had this idea that I wanted to do GWAR comics some day, if there was any possible way. I knew I was too new in the comics world back then, but after a few years in and several series under my belt I decided the time was right to approach them. I went down to Richmond and a mutual friend made the intros and we went from there.


Issue 1 standard cover - art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, color by Josh Jensen


4LN: The preview pages look incredible, and those #1 variants are amazing. Can you tell us a little about the rest of the creative team you’re working with on “Orgasmageddon”?

Matt: Sure! Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is a buddy who worked with me on Critical Hit, a book we did at Black Mask. He’s a punk and metal guy and when I started getting serious about pitching a GWAR book to the band, I went to him first. I love working with him and I think we make good comics together. When looking for colorists in my circle of friends, my first question was “are you a GWAR fan?” before I’d continue – I wanted to be sure most everyone working on the book is a fan who “gets it.” Lo and behold, Marissa Louise digs GWAR and man, her colors are just something else, especially on Jonathan’s lines. Taylor Esposito is a pal and a hell talented letterer who’s working with me on another book right now and he brought some really cool stylistic choices to the GWAR pages to give folks like Sawborg Destructo and Mr. Perfect a really unique looking voice. The only person who wasn’t already a fan was the editor Brendan Wright, but that choice was by design. It’s important that people who aren’t familiar with the band, and are just fans of good comics, can jump right into these books and have a great time. I knew from his work editing Archie vs. Predator and the Grindhouse books that he’d understand the spirit of the GWAR books and be a great fit on the team.




4LN: It seems like more bands and musicians are jumping into the comics world these days. Four Year Strong and The Devil Wears Prada both produced comics to go along with projects they put out, Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) basically runs his own imprint at DC, and even Slayer have jumped into the game with a comic based on their album “Repentless” coming out later this year. Not to mention, your “Liberator” project with hardcore legends Earth Crisis from a couple of years ago. What do you think has caused this shift in the landscape for music and comics that has opened both mediums up for more collaborative pursuits?

Matt: A friend of mine nailed this down the other day – right now we’re at a time when punk rock and comics are kind of overlapping, and the people who were spiky haired punks in their youth are creating comics now. The venn diagram of comics fans and punk and metal fans is overlapping a lot and I love it. There’s not a lot I’m more passionate about than dog rescue, writing, and punk rock and metal music.




4LN: This next set of questions is our Lightning Round (short, mostly random questions; gut answers) Well I obviously have to ask, what’s your favorite GWAR Album? (I have to go with “Violence Has Arrived“, personally.)
Matt: Mine’s still “Scumdogs of the Universe” though I really love “Battle Maximus”. Their sound evolves but stays true to its roots.

4LN: What current comic should people definitely be reading?
Matt: Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol is one that comes to mind right away. I like Gerard, I like his comics.

4LN: I couldn’t think of a good enough question to work them in, but do you remember Caninus?
Matt: More dogs in bands, please. Woof.

4LN: Who actually has “The World’s Best Cup Of Coffee”?
Matt: I make a pretty great cup, myself. In fact, it’s about that time.

4LN: What was the last horror movie you watched?
Matt: Last one was Wes Craven’s Shocker, but last new one was probably The Witch or Conjuring 2. Most fun I’ve had with a horror movie lately is Deathgasm, hands down. Any GWAR fan would love that one.

4LN: Finally, After having worked with both Earth Crisis and GWAR, if you had your choice of band to collaborate on a comic with who would you choose?
Matt: Iron Maiden. Right? Right.


I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Matt for chatting with us! Click that Kickstarter link up at the top of the page to support “Orgasmageddon” and help make GWAR comics a reality!

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