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Sons of Anarchy: The Final Ride


I have been watching Sons Of Anarchy from the very first episode, and I haven’t missed a single thing. Most shows I end up finding out about 2 or 3 seasons late and have to binge watch on Netflix, but for once I have watched a show from pilot to series finale. This show has been full of so many twists & turns, deaths and tragic moments that I’m not sure how I am not a complete basket case and emotional wrecks. This show is a lot like Game of Thrones in the fact that no character is safe. And, for some reason, the ones you love the most will also be the ones to get hurt the most.

The show aired on FX on September 3rd 2008, and has lasted seven insane seasons. Full of ups and down, the biker gang S.A.M.C.R.O. (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) has had their demons and unique battles, such as rapes of loved ones, the club putting a hit out on it’s own member, wives being killed, daughters being burned alive, children being kidnapped and taken to Ireland, and countless other jaw dropping moments. A few vivid ones that come to mind are Jax (main character) shooting up his ex-wife (who is a recovering drug addict) with heroine in order to keep custody of his children, the insane white supremacist played by Henry Rollins, and every terrible thing that Clay Marrow did as president of the club (I still think he always deserved to be at the head of the table).


Last night concluded the final ride for some of our favorite bikers. Almost all loose ends were tied up, justice was served, and Jax did what he believed to be the best for his family. The episode was full of poetic justices and symbolism: from the reaper to bread & wine as a last meal, symbolism was in full effect in last nights episode. For me, one of the most memorable moments was early on in the show when Jax visits the cemetery to pay last respects to his best friend, Oppie, and his wife, Terra. The final monologue Jax gives while sitting next to the memorial of his father/SAMCRO founder JT was a real emotional scene as well.

It’s hard to believe the show has come to an end, but I for one am glad it ended on a high note and didn’t drag out longer then it needed too. If you caught the final Ride last night, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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