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The Lego Movie / 4LN Spoiler-Free Review!

I was a huge fan of Lego’s when I was a kid. I know most kids are at some point, but I was for most of my childhood and I had a RIDICULOUS amount of Lego’s. I think the thing that I really loved about them was that you can build literally anything. Now, I’m not a complete dunce; I get that being able to build anything is the main draw of Legos. But there’s something kind of profound about a child being able to use these interconnecting “blocks” to create anything their mind can think of, and we often reduce the beauty of that to the simplicity of calling it a “toy”.

Enter: The Lego Movie. A film so brilliant and enjoyable that you can’t possibly walk out of the theater without a smile on your face and a new outlook on life.


The film centers on Emmet. An average guy doing his job and “following the instructions”. Until, one day, he stumbles upon the “Piece of Resistance” that can stop the evil Lord Business from using the “Kragle”, which is a weapon that intends to use against all the Lego worlds. Emmet, along with the beautiful and talented Wyldstyle, goes on an adventure throughout the many Lego worlds, with Lord Business’ right hand man Bad Cop hot on their trail,  in order to get the  all the Master Builders together so that they can take on Lord Business and stop him from carrying out his evil plan.


When I was about 17 I went to see Men in Black 2 in a theater by myself. I walked in a sat down and I was the only person there. Then as people started coming in, I noticed that it was all families with little girls. I thought it was odd but as a 17-year-old kid I didn’t give it too much thought. Then the previews started and I thought, “Huh. These trailers are all for kids movies and this movie can’t possibly be so family-friendly…” Then the opening credit started to role. As it turns out, I had not entered the theater room for Men in Black 2 but, rather, Stuart Little 2. The doors were right beside one another and I had just walked into the wrong one. So, I sat there. I watched the whole movie. I was to embarrassed to get up and leave. And I hated every minute of it.

“It’s chicken-pot-pie. Why? Is that a prob… Oh. You’re a bird. I’m an idiot.”


I’m sure that, for what it is and the audience it’s geared towards, Stuart Little 2 is a good movie. But for me, as a teenager, it was miserable. The Lego Movie DOES NOT have this problem. It’s equally as fun and entertaining no matter what age you are. My 6 year-old enjoyed it, I enjoyed it at 29, and my own father who is 50 enjoyed it. The cinematography is amazing and beautiful. The movie plays like a fun, vivid dream. It pulls you in and you really feel like you’re along for the ride.

As you probably noticed, the film boasts an incredibly impressive voice-cast. Chris Pratt is great as Emmet. You honestly see his wide-eyed enthusiasm as if he’s a Lego Andy Dwyer. Will Ferrell as Lord/President Business is very reminiscent of Megamind, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. He’s just as hiliarious and it never feels like a copy. Elizabeth Banks voices Wyldstyle and she brings her assertive charm to the character. Probably the best, by far, though, is Will Arnett as Batman. He makes Batman come off as such a douche-bag… AND IT’S HILARIOUS! He’s just so smug and pompous, but he still gets the job done. It’s the most honest version of Batman that exists.


Take your kids, take your grand-kids, take your nieces and nephews, and little brothers and sisters. Take your parents and your grandparents. Take your aunts and uncles and cousins. Take your neighbors and their kids. Take your boss and his annoying girlfriend. Take your favorite barista. Take yourself. GO SEE THE LEGO MOVIE. At first this flick was not on my radar. I figured I’d just let my dad take my oldest but then I decided to go with them and I’m so glad I did. The film’s message is one that we can all relate to and you’ll laugh all the way through. I promise you will not regret seeing this movie. Stop what you’re doing and go see The Lego Movie RIGHT NOW. Unless, you’re currently watching The Lego Movie,  in which case, PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE AND WATCH THE MOVIE!


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