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True Detective… What The Hell Is Going On?

I f–king love True Detective. I really do. My 4 favorite, currently airing, shows on television are that, The Blacklist, The Following, and Agents of SHIELD. (One of these is not like the others…) These are all the shows that I’m dedicated to seeing the new episodes when they air. I watch lots of shows, but I don’t feel an obligation to all of them, as I do with these few. They all have mystery and/or suspense that just keeps me enthralled. But out of all of them, True Detective is the one that most often leaves me with my jaw on the floor and unable to produce thoughts or words.


I had absolutely no real idea of what I was getting into with this show man. I just thought it would be a well done detective drama, but it’s turned out to be SO MUCH MORE. I honestly, and sincerely, believe that this is Matthew McConaughey’s best acting performance ever. Of all time. (I will say, I have not yet seen Dallas Buyers Club, so this assessment is subject to change.)

For those of you who may be reading this and haven’t seen the show, or just aren’t up to date on the episodes, you’ll just want to stop reading right here. I’m gonna mention some things that are MAJOR SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.


Now, If you want some real in-depth, and well thought out theories, you should check out this True Detective Reddit thread. (Side note: This is the one of the only times that “well though out” will be used to describe Reddit.)

Me, personally, I cannot get a grasp on what I think is happening on the show. Seriously. It’s complex and there are so many blink-an-you’ll-miss-them-but-it’s-not-like-it-would-matter-anyway-because-they’re-ridiculously-subtle clues, that I just get lost and confused trying to think about it. But I wanna take stab at it at least (pun intended)…

So there’s tons of evidence that Marty’s daughters have been exposed to some pretty dark and twisted stuff. Definately the oldest one anyway, as she arraigned her dolls in a sexual manner that suggested she had witnessed a bunch of men around a naked woman. And them there’s this…

That’s a drawing that one of his daughters, presumably the oldest one, drew on a paper plate. It has the same spiral image as the one associate to “The Yellow King”. Whoever he is, he’s clearly the one running the show of satanic(?) ritualistic rapes and murders. So with this evidence piling up, is it possible that Marty is The Yellow King? I don’t think so. It just doesn’t make sense. And I don’t thing it’s Cohle because that would be just WAY to easy.

When they talk to Charlie Lang, the first victims ex, in prison, he says this about his conversations with Reggie Ledoux (The white-trash meth-head whose brains Marty blew out) : “He said that there’s this place down south where all these rich men go to, uh, devil worship. He said that, uh, they—they sacrifice kids and whatnot. Women and children all got—all got murdered there and, um, something about someplace called Carcosa and the Yellow King. He said there’s all these, like, old stones out in the woods, people go to, like, worship. He said there’s just so much good killin’ down there. Reggie’s got this brand on his back, like a spiral. He says that’s their sign.”

The fact that these girls know something, and the most recent episode shows us the older girl as a “troubled teen” who has clearly got some darkness about her, suggests that surely someone close to them has exposed them to some f–ked up business… perhaps, someone we’ve only seem briefly… a grandpa maybe…

Their mother’s father we only see for a short period of time at the beginning of the series and it’s obvious he and Marty don’t get along. It just seems like if anyone close to them is responsible for them seeing some messed up stuff, like cult-sex-murder parties, then it’s got to be this guy.

The only other speculation I’ve got, is that Reverend Tuttle has got to be The Yellow King. I mean, it seems feasible that the man with the most religious pull is the one using his “god-complex” to maintain these dark congregations… but that’s just a guess. The connection to the abandon school that was covered in satanic and cult imagery seems a little too convenient to me.

Even though I don’t think Cohle is involved, I do think he’s seen something, or knows something. Based on how drastically the character changed from the setting of the initial investigation to the current interrogation in real time, something tells me he knows more than he’s letting on. I’d even be willing to bet that, since he has a past in undercover work, he could be just playing a part this whole time to throw The Yellow King off his trail.



Whatever the hell is going on, all I know is that last two episodes can’t get here soon enough!

So how about you guys? Got any True Detective theories or speculations? Let us know in the comments below!


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